August 28


Create Your Website and Get Your Share of Online Income

By Danial

August 28, 2020

The internet is a wealth of different businesses offering products and services. You can learn how to create your own website and begin to share in the online income. If you are tired of the 9 to 5 grind and working hard for someone else’s benefit, and you’re ready to be your own boss, it’s time to get started on your ticket to a new way of life.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than creating your website and seeing the money roll in. In fact, if someone tells you that it’s that simple, you need to walk away. The only person getting rich will be the person selling you their plan!

You might be a little reluctant to begin because you aren’t sure about:

  • The best spin for your website
  • How to register your domain name
  • Where to find a web host
  • How to choose a web editor
  • Selecting a web design
  • How to get your site listed in the search engines
  • And a whole lot more….

Before you let your mind overwhelm you so that you go running back to your 9 to 5 job, let’s start by dispelling some of the myths that are floating around. The first thing you need to know is that you do not need to invest tons of money to get going.

Whether you are using an old computer that’s slow as molasses going uphill, whether you are still working on a dial up connection, whether you don’t understand anything about HTML…. If you want to get your share of the online income, you can.

Get Started

Planning and preparation are key when you decide to set up your own website. This will involve you choosing a website idea that’s profitable.

Website Business Ideas

If you are going to have a successful online business, you are going to need to have a business idea. There’s an endless array of opportunities and options online but you need to find the niche that’s right for you.

Choose your Web Domain Name and Where You Will Host

Registering your domain name and finding a good host is an important part of establishing your online business.

Website Design

You will need to create your website. You can use web edit software or many of the different web hosts offer web-building tools that allow you to create a website. This includes deciding on the number of pages, what content you will include on your site, what type of navigation you will have, etc.

Website Marketing Strategies

You will need to determine how you are going to get traffic to your website. This includes search engine optimization so that your site places well and targeted traffic finds you. It also includes things like promotions, ads, email campaigns, etc.

You have the opportunity to build and grow your online business, and enjoy the success and income like millions of others are.

Top Tools

The top tools that I use and highly recommend are A2Hosting and Thrive Themes to get your website started. I personally use these tools myself on ALL of my websites. They make building your website simple and very effective.

Other tools you may be interested in is an email autoresponder such as Aweber, or a lead page builder such as Clickfunnels.

aweber image

About the author

My name is Danial and I am a Digital Marketer. I started my career as a tradesman and worked my way up to a supervisor in the company I worked for. Then I moved to Thailand for a complete change in lifestyle and career. I found myself as the game writer and designer for a popular escape game company as well as turning things around for a leading co-workspace in Bangkok. While I lived abroad I found a love for digital marketing and media creation. Now I specialise in affiliate marketing, building WordPress websites and media creation.

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